Cendere Bridge

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It is also known as Cendere Bridge, Roman Bridge or Septimius Severus Bridge. It is located on the Ancient Cabinas (Cendere) Stream. The bridge was given this name because it connects the two sides of the stream flowing through a magnificent canyon. It is located at the Sincik-Kocahisar road junction, approximately 10 kilometers after passing the Karakuş Tumulus on the way from Kahta District to Nemrut Mountain. By the order of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (193-211), the bridge was built by XVI. It was built by the Legion. Cendere Bridge is a magnificent monumental example of Ancient Roman architecture. Consisting of two arches, one main arch and one evacuation arch, the bridge is made of smooth cut stones, each weighing tons. The most interesting architectural feature of the bridge, which is 7 meters wide, 30 meters high and 120 meters long, is that it was built without the use of mortar. The bridge rises on both sides in the form of a ramp and joins in the middle. This feature both increases the static strength of the bridge and gives the bridge a monumental appearance. There is a Corinthian column on each side of the south entrance of the bridge. It is understood that one of the inscriptions on it was erected in the name of Emperor Septimius Severus, who built the bridge, and the other in the name of his wife Julia Domna. The inscription on the column on one side of the northern entrance indicates that this column was erected in the name of his sons, Caracalla. It is known that there was another column erected in the name of their son Geta, at the time the bridge was built, opposite this column. However, Emperor Caracalla (211-217 AD), who came to the throne after Septimius Severus, had his brother Geta killed and everything that was erected in the name of Geta on the Roman lands was destroyed. It is understood from the inscriptions on the balustrade of the bridge that the Cendere Bridge was repaired at different times during the Roman Period after its construction.

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