Yenikale Ruins

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Yenikale Ruins is in Kocahisar Village of Kahta District of Adıyaman. The current form of the castle, whose first construction date goes back to the Hittites, is from the Mamluks Period and was also used in the Ottoman Period. It is known that the castle passed into the hands of Urartu, Part, Commagene, Roman, Sassanid and Arabs. There are many inscriptions on the gate entrance of the castle, in the Masjid, on the eastern bastion and at the entrance gate of the palace. The names of Mamluk Sultan Kalaun are mentioned in the inscription on the entrance gate of the castle, the names of Melik Eşref Selahaddin Halil in the inscription in the mosque, and the names of Melik Nasır are mentioned in the inscription at the entrance door of the palace. Inside the castle, there is a small mosque, prison and dungeon, a tower where homing pigeons are raised, cisterns, a Turkish bath and a secret waterway leading down to the Kahta Stream (Nymphaios).

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Eski Kahta/Kâhta/Adıyaman (Direction)

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